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New installation

When building a new industrial facility in need of an efficient and stable refrigeration system, or if the existing system needs an upgrade or extension, it is ideal to choose in accordance to the systems LCC (life cycle cost). This guarantees the best quality for the right price.

We will  the system and calculate LCC before the final installation. Creating the perfect solution for you. Included is a 5-year statutory service plan following the installation of the refrigeration system. See the service plans below for possible upgrades or servitization for an all inclusive solution.


Call for an offer on any of our products. Every system is individual and so are the needs of our customers. We want to provide the best solution for your system and for you. So write or call us and we will find the timer to go over the data of the system and find your individual solution.


Any Illegal ammonia installations where the statutory inspections has been neglected or repairs and troubleshooting has been subpar. Where the inspections are performed by unqualified technicians resulting in bypass repairs, focused on getting the system running for now, without addressing or even finding the underlying issue. This will eventually lead to unstable operation, risks of severe accidents and the refrigeration system being forced to shut down by the authorities.

To legalize the ammonia installation, depending on the severity of the case, our experienced technicians, with help from specialized consultants, will examine the system to find any illegality and underlying problems.


Outdated components will be replaced, repairs made and water and air  will be expelled from the system. The system will then be inspected and approved for operation by certified inspection consultants.

This ensures an operational stability, a smaller electrical bill and lower risk for accidents and need for acute repairs.

To keep the system legal and up to date we recommend one of our service plans or our all inclusive servitization.


If you have an industrial refrigeration system with an unstable operation, a lot of down time and expenditures, or you simply need to extend on an existing system. Then it is important to know if there are any underlying issues.

The solution includes a complete, detailed inspection of the system resulting in a thorough report including a strategy to go forward with eventual repairs in a prioritized list.

If not attended to the issues will result in an unstable operation, greater maintenance cost and a high risk of accidents happening.