Our Services

Statutory inspections are legally obliged for any ammonia installation. We offer three different service plans.

All plans include periodic inspections cf. the PED (pressure equipment directive), a fixed rate per hour for repairs and 24-hour emergency call out.

Statutory service plan

  • Control of high pressure switches
  • Control of safety valve

Included for 5 years with a new system installed by Planet Cool ApS

Expanded service plan

  • Same a statutory service plan
  • Maintenance control

Full service plan

  • Same as expanded service plan
  • Full troubleshooting


Planet Cool ApS will own, invest in and operate the refrigeration system. Taking over the existing system or investing in a new installation.

At a fixed subscription price tailored to the specific system. All maintenance, supervision and even the electricity bill will  by Planet Cool ApS.

With a known fixed expenditure and guaranteed stable operation this will not only free up budget but also time.

Included in the servitization plan is following:

  • Planet Cool ApS owns the refrigeration system
  • Electricity used by the system
  • Full service plan
  • All repairs
  • All emergency call outs